ARM and NXP Launch mbed to Enable Rapid Prototyping with Microcontrollers -

ARM and NXP Launch mbed to Enable Rapid Prototyping with Microcontrollers


ARM and NXP today announced at Embedded Systems Conference (ESC), Boston,''and the mbed microcontroller rapid prototyping tools.

With the market for 32-bit microcontrollers set for explosive growth, the ability for new markets to adopt and exploit modern microcontroller technology becomes a critical success factor. To maximize these opportunities ARM has developed mbed, the industry's first online platform for fast, low-risk prototyping of microcontroller-based systems.

The mbed tools launch with integral hardware and software support for the NXP LPC1768'ARM Cortex-M3'processor-based MCU.

According to the companies, new users can get started with mbed tools in 60 seconds, by plugging in an mbed microcontroller, going to the website to signup, and downloading and running a “Hello World!” binary just like saving to a USB Flash Drive.

Compiling a first program takes only 60 seconds more: Launch the browser-based compiler, create a new template project, and click 'compile' to build and download the binary. A cloud-computing approach delivers the tools online in a browser, so there is nothing to configure or install, and everything works on Windows, Mac or Linux. 'The first mbed microcontroller hardware packages an NXP LPC1768 Cortex-M3 processor-based MCU and support components in a 40-pin 0.1″ pitch DIP form-factor, suitable for experimenting on solderless breadboard, stripboard and through-hole PCBs.

The mbed C/C++ Libraries build on top of the'ARM Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard'(CMSIS) to provide high-level interfaces to microcontroller peripherals, enabling a clean, compact, API-driven approach to coding. The combination gives immediate connectivity to peripherals and modules for prototyping and iteration of microcontroller-based system designs.

The website is now live, and the mbed Microcontroller based on the NXP LPC1768 is available for purchase. For purchasing details and to find out more about mbed, visit

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