ARM buys optimization tools company -

ARM buys optimization tools company


Prolific Inc., which develops IC design optimization software tools that reduce development time and improve the performance of cell-based designs has been acquired by ARM Holdings.  

The employees of Prolific, a privately-owned company based in Newark, Calif., will become part of the ARM Physical IP team based in San Jose, Calif.

“We have been successfully collaborating with Prolific for a number of years,” said Simon Segars, EVP and GM, Physical IP Division, ARM.  “The technology and expertise that will come with this acquisition will expand our capabilities to accelerate ecosystem adoption of advanced process nodes at 20nm and below.”

Prolific was founded by Dr. Paul de Dood in 1995, having previously managed the Library and Full-Chip Integration Group for the Sun Microsystems UltraSparc and UltraSparc-II product lines. The company's web site says it has been profitable every year of its existence

Prolific's tools work with those from Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor, and Magma. Products include ProGenesis, ProTiming (an add-on for Synopsys PrimeTime), ProPower (an add-on for ProTiming) and ProDFMOptimizer.

Prolific's customers include companies like AMD, NEC, Atmel, and Broadcom.

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