Arm Cortex-M0+-based MCU comes in 8-pin packages -

Arm Cortex-M0+-based MCU comes in 8-pin packages

STMicroelectronics has added 8-pin packages to its STM32 microcontroller family, enabling designers to leverage 32-bit performance and low-power features in a small package for simple embedded designs. The four new STM32G0 devices feature a 64-MHz Arm Cortex-M0+ CPU giving 59 DMIPS, up to 8 Kbyte RAM and 32 Kbyte Flash on-chip, and high-performing peripherals including a 2.5 Msps ADC, high-resolution timer, and a high-speed SPI.

The devices also offer flexible mapping of I/O pins and internal MCU functions, so designers can upgrade end-product functionality without trading board real-estate or bill-of-materials costs. The internal oscillator, which is accurate to ±1% over wide temperature and voltage ranges, also saves external clock components.

The new devices provide scalability thanks to the features available across the STM32G0 series, which offers up to 100 package pins, up to 512 Kbytes Flash, additional high-performance analog peripherals, and cyber-protection features.

The new 8-pin STM32G0 MCUs are available now in a 6 × 4.9-mm SO8N. They are priced from $0.31 for 1000-piece orders of the STM32G030J6 Value Line MCU. The 8-pin Discovery kit STM32G0316-DISCO is available now and priced at $9.90.

The STM32G031J6, STM32G031J4, and STM32G041J6 Access Line MCUs are also available in the SO8N package, offering additional functionality including a hardware AES acceleration, securable memory area enabling secure boot or firmware update, extra timers, and 96-bit unique device ID.

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