ARM debugger enhanced with flash memory breakpoints -

ARM debugger enhanced with flash memory breakpoints


Cambridge, U.K.— Embedded software tool developer Crossware has added software flash memory breakpoints to its ARM Development Suite.

This enhancement will enable an unlimited number of breakpoints to be set in flash memory, resulting in faster debugging and reduced development time.

“This enhancement to our ARM Development Suite will enable programmers to overcome the limitations of hardware breakpoints, which are traditionally used to halt program execution in flash memory,” said Alan Harry, chief executive of Crossware. “For example, the ARM7 debug module supports just two hardware breakpoints, and one of these is required for single stepping, leaving only one to be set by the developer.”

To facilitate the setting of software flash memory breakpoints, Crossware has exploited the ability of its Jaguar USB JTAG debugger interface to rapidly erase and rewrite flash memory sectors containing breakpoints. This is performed with minimal programmer/system interference.

Crossware has also added 'register tool-tips' to its ARM Development Suite. These 'register tool-tips' pop-up when the mouse hovers over a value in a register view and display the name of the register and list by name all of its bits and the value of each bit.

The Crossware ARM Development Suite is a user friendly development environment for the ARM family of microprocessors and microcontrollers with its advanced C/C++ compiler, libraries, wizards, simulator, source level debugger and the Jaguar USB JTAG debugger interface.

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