ARM debuts new license model for Big.LITTLE cores -

ARM debuts new license model for Big.LITTLE cores


ARM Ltd.   has announced a new licensing model to enable broader access to big.LITTLE processing technology for ARM partners.

By using multiple processors that are developed for different energy and performance budgets, big.LITTLE  provides optimum performance and maximum efficiency.

Under the terms of a single use design license (SUDL), ARM partners can license the individual components required to enable the development of a big.LITTLE system, including the Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 processors; the CoreLink Cache Coherent Interconnect CCI-400); the Generic Interrupt Controller (GIC-400) and the AMBA Domain Bridge (ADB-400), all as a single package.

ARM partners licensing the package can also license the Mali-T600 GPU to provide additional graphics performance to the platform, or ARM POP Technology for core-hardening acceleration to aid efficient implementation of their designs.

The Cortex-A15 processor is the highest performance processor available from ARM while the Cortex-A7 processor is ARM’s most energy-efficient applications processor. By combining these two processor cores in the big.LITTLE architecture, developers can get both lower power and optimal performance for all kinds of simultaneous applications and tasks.

The CCI-400 is the cache-coherent interconnect for big.LITTLE systems. It has been designed and tested with other CoreLink components, such as the Network Interrupt Controller (NIC-400) and the Dynamic Memory Controller (DMC-400), which share the same end-to-end Quality of Service protocol.

This new license model will provide enhanced access to the key big.LITTLE components from one package, with the option to take a perpetual implementation license in the future.

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