ARM development kits set sights on students -

ARM development kits set sights on students


Guangdong, China—Aimed at universities and similar centers of higher learning, EmbestUniversity from Embest Info&Tech Co., Ltd. claims to comprise all the hardware, software, and course material needed to teach undergraduate- and graduate-level students the basics of real-time embedded systems. Although the product line lets you choose among different evaluation boards and development tools, the common theme revolves around ARM-based processors.

The S3CEV40 is the “recommended” evaluation board&#151it's the only one for which all the teaching materials are written&#151and includes Samsung's S3C44BOX 16/32-bit microcontroller (based on the ARM7TDMI core), boot flash, SDRAM, NAND flash, real-time clock, two serial ports, IIS sound interface, IDE and Ethernet ports, JTAG interface, LCD and touch screen port, and more.

The corresponding recommended development tool kit, Embest IDE for ARM, includes, among other tools, an editor, compiler, linker, debugger, project manager, and JTAG emulator.

Teaching materials consist of exercise code, board and tool user manuals, and a book of laboratory exercises. The exercise “book,”&#151actually PDF files on a CDROM&#151covers such topics as embedded development, basic device interfacing, complex human-machine interfacing, communication and voice interfacing, embedded RTOS porting, and application development.

EmbestUniversity sells for $500.

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