ARM development system is $99 -

ARM development system is $99

AROMAS, Calif. — With the goal of keeping the cost of 32-bit ARM development as low as possible, German provider iSystem AG has released a $99 development suite with a JTAG adapter, evaluation board, and debugging software. Alternatively, users can download the schematics and board layouts for the hardware for free.

The iSystem iF-Dev is a development tool solution for the ARM7, ARM9, and XScale. It includes a USB-JTAG interface module that can be used with any target system with a JTAG 20-pin connector. It also provides an LPC2138 ARM-based target board. Power is supplied by the USB port, so no power supply is required.

The iF-Dev package also includes winIdea, iSystem's Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It includes the GNU C/C++ compiler for ARM and sample projects with source code. “This is a complete ARM development system with no limits,” said Ray Schnorr, iSystem USA president.

The complete iF-Dev package is available for $99. Alternatively, schematics and pc-board layouts for the JTAG interface module and the ARM target board can be downloaded for free from iSystem's web site. The resulting hardware can be driven with iSystem's winIdea software.

Located in Munich, Germany, iSystem AG provides a range of emulation and development tools. The company will exhibit at next month's Embedded Systems Conference.

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