ARM enhances development of mobile graphics -

ARM enhances development of mobile graphics


Cambridge UK — ARM has integrated Imagination Technologies' PowerVR MBX graphics technology into a custom development chip which forms the basis of the ARM RealView Versatile family of hardware development boards.

The family includes a development board to support both the ARM926EJ-S PrimeXsys Platform, and PowerVR's MBX 2D/3D graphics acceleration technology.

Imagination Technologies expect that its PowerVR MBX technology, which is available for licensing from ARM, will become a leading graphics solution for next generation mobile computing and communication devices.

Alistair Greenhill, director of marketing for RealView Development Systems at ARM said: “By integrating the PowerVR MBX alongside an ARM926EJ-S microprocessor, PrimeXsys Platform IP and other high performance IP, we can clearly demonstrate the benefits of the minimal external memory bandwidth requirements of the PowerVR architecture.”

The ARM RealView Versatile Platform Baseboard provides an AMBA Multi-layer AHB prototyping environment which enables the multiple bus layers of the PrimeXsys Platform architecture to be routed to expansion logic, in which system developers' own IP can be implemented. As well as PowerVR MBX, the board contains other IP around the ARM926EJ-S core, such as the ARM VFP9-S coprocessor, to provide a complete development system for high performance applications.

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