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ARM for Java

SavaJe Technologies, developers of a universal open Java applications platform and operating system for wireless devices, has licensed the ARM Swerve i3D Graphics Client to embed into the SavaJe technology platform.

The ARM Swerve i3D Graphics Client, developed by ARM in collaboration with interactive 3D technology enabling specialist Superscape, generates and manages interactive 3D scenes on wireless handsets. The software solution enables efficient download of compressed 3D applications to ARM core-based wireless devices over 2.5G and 3G cellular networks.

The SavaJe Java platform, developed for the next generation of smart phones, comprises a set of Java APIs, including MIDP 2.0 and Personal Profile, and an operator-customisable User Experience layer consisting of GUI and applications written completely in Java. The SavaJe Operating System (OS) provides a wireless environment utilising the full capabilities and functionality of Java technology. It is completely self-sufficient, requiring no other kernel or OS.

Published in Embedded Systems Europe June 2003

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