ARM, Khronos headline LEAP 2013 conference in May -

ARM, Khronos headline LEAP 2013 conference in May

In May, 2013 a new conference will debut in London, England, focused exclusively on the use of parallel computing technology on low-energy devices.

Speakers from Khronos and ARM will give keynote presentations at the Low Energy Application Parallelism (LEAP)  conference to be held on May 21-22. It will focus on low-energy parallel computing across a broad range of low-power platforms, including; mobiles, tablets and all manner of embedded consumer, medical and industrial devices.

“Modern CPU and GPU architectures endorse parallelism as the route to achieve more performance and efficiency and to make new kinds of applications a reality on low-power platforms,” said Neil Trevett, president Khronos Group, OpenCL Chair and VP Mobile Content at NVIDIA and LEAP keynote speaker. “The evolution of OpenCL, Renderscript, CUDA and other APIs is helping to meet the growing demand for more accessible GFLOPS/mW.”

LEAP 2013 will include keynotes, technical and business presentations, research posters and workshops and will also provide networking opportunities and an “emerging solutions” forum to allow innovative startups to showcase new technologies.

According to Trevett, in addition to the many scientific, academic, industrial and financial use cases for high-performance computing, there is a wide variety of applications where the use of parallel programming techniques on low-energy CPUs, GPU and FPGAs can bring great benefits.

Examples include: computational photography and computer vision, multimedia processing, stream data processing (deep packet inspection, antivirus, encryption, compression, and data analytics), UIs, voice and gesture recognition, physics, AI, ray tracing, modelling, and augmented reality.

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