ARM on a single-board computer? See it at ESC. -

ARM on a single-board computer? See it at ESC.


The number of single-board computers that have shipped with an ARM-based microprocessor is a very small one. That space is dominated by PowerPC and Intel architecture devices. ARM has dominated the handset space, but has struggled to make a big impact into traditional embedded applications. It's possible that that trend could be changing.

At the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley, Micro/sys will be showing a board based on an 800-MHz Cortex-A8 CPU core. It's actually Freescale's i.MX515 microprocessor. The SBC1651 is aimed at high-performance, low-power embedded applications. The board is scheduled to ship in the first week of May.

Interestingly, it'll be priced at $595 (in single quantities). That's roughly $100 to $300 less than an Intel-based board with similar performance specs. The biggest contributor to that price drop is the i.MX515's single-chip design, as opposed to the two chips required for the Intel-based board.

Micro/sys pledges to continue down the ARM path. This board will be followed by family members that move both up and down the performance spectrum, including a board for handheld applications.

The SBC1651 ships with all the typical I/O and peripherals that you'd expect: USB On-The-Go, real-time clock, watchdog timer, audio support, TV out, 24-bit LVDS flat panel display output, 4-wire touchscreen interface, two PWM outputs, a SATA HDD port, two SD/MMC card slots, 1-Wire interface, seven serial ports, and 24 lines of discrete I/O.

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