Arm predicts more smart product designs in 2019 -

Arm predicts more smart product designs in 2019


The end of the year brings predictions galore, and Arm has jumped on this bandwagon with its view on what it thinks will happen in the internet of things (IoT) in 2019. It also carried out a consumer survey to find out what end users think about IoT, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and 5G.

Here are Arm's IoT predictions:

  1. Intelligent home goes mainstream. There’ll be more availability of IoT home products available to consumers from mainstream household brands, expanding past leading consumer brands and whitegoods to encompass mainstream lighting, irrigation, heating/cooling, and other household names — bringing increased automation and efficiency to everyday tasks.

  2. Personalized delivery. Delivery options will start to see increasing flexibility. The combination of smartphones with GPS positioning data and the increased deployment of low-cost sensors to provide visibility and tracking of assets could allow delivery to customers anywhere, not just at specified hardcoded locations like a home or office.

  3. Better health-care service. Deployment of sensors and better connectivity in hospitals will mean that hospital personnel will have real-time visibility into the location of their equipment and orders, bringing a better quality of service to patients and reducing the time to find critical medical equipment.

  4. Smart cities look to improve revenue streams and citizen engagement. Drivers for smart cities will mature from just cost reductions (e.g., LED lights or better waste management) to better citizen engagement and more revenue streams (e.g., red-light violation detection, Wi-Fi hotspot, 5G services, smart towers, crime detection/analysis, information broadcast) with the help of advanced technologies like computer vision and ML.

  5. Smart buildings use more tech for efficiencies. Smart buildings will increasingly move toward space optimization, object detection for safety/security, wayfinding, and asset tracking with the help of advanced technologies like locationing, computer vision, and ML.

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  1. “People want more bang for their buck if they're paying the price for good services don't you think! Almost every other tech facility these days is trying to give the customers that by ensuring that every unit of technology they produce is packed full of m

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  2. “It is nothing new anymore for us to be expecting advances in the tech sector. This is especially true since the era that we are living in today is ever-evolving alongside technology. The modernization of our livelihood is what gets us up and running expec

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