ARM releases free community edition of DS-5 -

ARM releases free community edition of DS-5

ARM Ltd. announced at ESC DESIGN West this week that it has extended the scope of the ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5) Community Edition

It provides a fully featured, industry standard, and free-to-use software development environment for ARM Embedded Linux applications. DS-5 provides an integrated solution including an Eclipse IDE, GNU cross-compiler, DS-5 Debugger, Streamline performance analyzer, online help and software examples.

Its additional levels of feature integration is aimed at allowing developers to get up and running with their projects in virtually no time.

In addition, DS-5 CE runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS hosts, making it ideal for microcontroller users moving into the world of Linux. The graphical DS-5 Debugger only needs an Ethernet connection to the target to enable power debug features typically available only in commercial debuggers.

In addition, it integrates Linux-specific functionality, such as a target file system explorer and an automated flow for downloading applications to the target, launching them and connecting the debugger.

The ARM Streamline performance analyzer provides Linux developers with additional visibility into how their application interacts with the rest of the Linux stack and the underlying hardware and to locate code hotspots, system bottlenecks, inefficient threading, ineffective use of the cache memories and GPUs, and many other software issues.

Originally launched to support Android native application development, the original DS-5 CE is now available also for Linux application development.

Developers can gain access to DS-5 CE now by doing a standard DS-5 installation and registering an activation code. Developers with an existing Eclipse IDE and Linux compiler can install the DS-5 Debugger and Streamline components of DS-5 CE as Eclipse plug-ins.

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