ARM takes mobile developers to new graphic highs -

ARM takes mobile developers to new graphic highs


At ARM TechCon, ARM Ltd. announced plans for a November release of two new Mali graphics cores one designed for high performance and one for high energy efficiency.

According to Steve Steele, senior product manager for the media processing division, the high performance part is the Mali T760. It delivers up to 326 GFlops using 16 cores and the high energy efficiency.

The T720  offers in excess of 150 percent improvement in energy efficiency over the earlier Mali-400 GPU. He said it is specifically targeted and tuned for the Android operating system.

With the Mali T760, said Steele, ARM has doubled to 16 the number of cores that can be linked in a design. Each core uses two arithmetic pipelines which targets a market sweet spot with a performance per core that is about 25 percent better than the earlier 628, running at 600 MHz. It is capable of delivering 1,066 million triangles/second and a 9.6 Gpixels/s fill rate.

Also, internal and SoC bandwidth utilization has been reduced which significantly reducing energy consumption which is also helped with ARM’s Frame Buffer Compression (AFBC), and Smart Composition techniques making possible more than 50 percent reduction in total memory bandwidth utilization. He said the Android-optimized 720 core delivers 533 million triangles/second and 4.8 Gpixels/s or 81.6 GFlops in overall performance.

ARM will release hardware IP for the T760 at the end of the month and the T720 at the end of November. Production level software for the cores is expected to follow in three months.

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