ARM TechCon: Atmel expands Cortex-A5 processor-based MPU portfolio -

ARM TechCon: Atmel expands Cortex-A5 processor-based MPU portfolio


Atmel Corporation has expanded its portfolio of Cortex-A5 processor-based MPUs. The new devices deliver the highest performance, low-power MPU operation along with extended temperature support, smaller packaging, and an expanded ecosystem to include RTOS operating systems (OS).

Atmel’s Cortex-A5 processor-based MPUs, which have been shipping for more than 10 months, provide higher processing power delivering up to 850DMIPS at 536MHz while offering 1328MB/s at 166MHz bus speed. The devices also deliver faster connectivity for industrial applications, lower power consumption under 200mW in active mode at maximum speed and below 0.5mW in low-power mode for consumer battery-powered applications including wearables, such as sports watches. The new devices also feature more advanced user interfaces for home automation and control panels.

To better meet these application requirements, Atmel has added more robust functionality, connectivity and communication features, extended temperature support and smaller packaging. The new SAMA5D36 devices combine additional connectivity and communication features including an LCD, more Ethernet ports, and CAN support. In addition, the SAMA5D36 along with the SAMA5D35 support an ambient temperature range of -40 degrees to 150 degree C targeting industrial and automotive applications, while the SAMA5D31 comes in a tiny, fine-pitch 12x12mm BGA324 0.5mm ball pitch package making it ideal for wearable applications where smaller packaging is required.

The new MPUs offer a robust eco-system including free Atmel Linux distribution with the Yocto build system at , and a free Android 4.0 port . In addition, more C-language software package (softpack) examples are available for non-operating system use.

The new Cortex A5 processor-based MPUs include all the features of the current family including rich peripherals, state-of-the-art security capabilities, easy-to-use features and overall lower system cost with three embedded USB ports, eliminating the costs of an external USB drive.

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