ARM TechCon: Atmel offers ultra-low power SAM D20 Cortex M0+ Core for sensor hubs -

ARM TechCon: Atmel offers ultra-low power SAM D20 Cortex M0+ Core for sensor hubs


Atmel Corporation’s SAM D20 Cortex M0+ core is an ultra-low power, high-performance flexible core that offers intelligent peripherals along with a variety of communication features. Atmel’s sensor hub solutions combine inputs from multiple sensors that detect motion, including accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes, to provide real-time direction, orientation and inclination data bringing visibly superior performance to a range of applications including gaming, navigation and virtual reality. The new sensor hub solution includes an efficient, ultra-low-power SAM D20 Cortex M0+ core that offloads the application processor, making it ideal for battery-operated devices.

Atmel has also partnered with leading sensor manufacturers to provide designers the flexibility to select from the widest range of sensors from the industry’s leading sensor manufacturers, including Bosch, Hillcrest Labs, Intersil, Kionix, MEMS IC, Sensirion and Sensor Platforms. These relationships enable Atmel to provide its customers with the right sensor and firmware solutions, reducing the overall time-to-market. These sensor manufacturers also provide sensor wing boards to connect with Atmel’s sensor hub platform to accelerate the prototyping process.

Atmel’s SAM D20 Cortex M0+-based MCU offers ultra-low power through a patented power-saving technique called an event system that allows peripherals to communicate directly to each other without involving the CPU. In addition, these devices offer peripheral flexibility through an innovative serial communication module (SERCOM) that is fully software-configurable to handle I2C, USART/UART and SPI communications. Finally, the devices offer memory densities ranging from 16KB to 256KB and devices are available in 32-, 48- and 64-pin QFP and QFN package options.

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