ARM TechCon: Calxeda launches fabric-based platform for clouds -

ARM TechCon: Calxeda launches fabric-based platform for clouds


The EnergyCore ECX-2000 Server-on-a-Chip family from Calxeda enables an integrated fabric of high-density servers and storage, and has been selected by HP for Moonshot solutions. The ECX-2000 uses standard ARM Cortex-A15 cores up to 1.8 GHz, with the integrated Calxeda Fleet Fabric, 10Gb Ethernet, and standard I/O controllers.

The Calxeda architecture is targeted for I/O-intensive applications such as distributed storage, cloud-based gaming services, media streaming, and throughput-oriented private clouds. The ECX-2000 delivers up to twice the performance, four times the memory capacity, and three times the memory bandwidth than previous ARM-based servers, according to the compay. Calxeda will demonstrate the new product with OpenStack and the open-source Ceph distributed object storage software at the annual ARM TechCon event at the Santa Clara Convention Center, October 29-31.

Calxeda states that the ECX-2000 enables the first production-class cloud infrastructure based on ARM processors, and is the first to support KVM and Xen, the popular virtualization hypervisors. Canonical, the leader in scalable cloud computing system software, is officially certifying the ECX-2000 for Ubuntu 13.10, including the latest “Havana” OpenStack release.

Calxeda also announced the addition of a second 64-bit SoC to the company roadmap announced last year. Code-named “Sarita,” the new 64-bit ARM Cortex-A57 SoC complements the “Lago” platform, but is pin-compatible with the ECX-1000 and new ECX-2000. This approach reduces development time and expense for Calxeda partners, accelerating the 64-bit ARM ecosystem, and enabling customers to future-proof designs for three generations of rapid technology innovation.

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