ARM TechCon: LogMeIn’s Xively and Linear Technology partner to speed IoT dev -

ARM TechCon: LogMeIn’s Xively and Linear Technology partner to speed IoT dev


Xively and Linear Technology have entered a partnered to accelerate the availability of ultra-low power cloud-connected products. By integrating Linear Technology’s Dust Networks SmartMesh IP wireless sensor networking Starter Kit with Xively Cloud Services, the companies are providing developers and OEMs with a highly cost-effective, end-to-end IoT solution, from initial prototyping and validation through wide-scale commercial deployment and management.

The SmartMesh IP wireless sensor network is built for Internet Protocol (IP) compatibility, and is based on the 6LoWPAN and 802.15.4e standards. SmartMesh IP networks deliver >99.999% data reliability and >10-year battery life, making it practical to deploy wireless sensor networks in the most challenging environments.

The DC9000 Starter Kit now includes sample application code that allows a registered Xively user to simply connect the DC9000 kit to a web-connected computer, enabling the SmartMesh IP network to automatically be registered as an Xively “product,” and the nodes and sensors to securely send data to the user’s Xively cloud as “devices.”

The DC9000 SmartMesh IP Starter Kit provides all the tools necessary for evaluating the network performance of SmartMesh IP against the needs of an application, such as high reliability, bandwidth flexibility and ease of installation, and provides the components needed for device integration and application development. For more information on SmartMesh IP kits, visit

To test drive the Xively IoT platform, sign up for a free Developer Account . See Xively and Dust Networks in action at ARM TechCon , booth #312, October 29-31, 2013 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

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