ARM Techcon Slideshow Highlights: 20 takes -

ARM Techcon Slideshow Highlights: 20 takes

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – This year’s ARM Tech Con showed ARM SoCs are making progress but still not ready for prime time, core technology is advancing toward the first mainstream FinFET node, and the Internet of Things, a.k.a. embedded systems, continues to proliferate everywhere.

It’s a frothy time, as David Detlefsen, a senior product manager at Zebra Technologies reminded us with the company’s demo of an intelligent wine rack controlled by its software (above).

On a more sobering note, Erica Kochi of UNICEF’s 80-person innovation program reminded attendees most of the growth in mobile subscribers will come from Asia and Africa, developing markets that will add nearly 300 million subscribers by 2017, but which have unique needs.

“If you are designing something in San Francisco or New York, it will probably fail there,” Kochi said. “The opportunities in developing markets are tremendous, but sometimes very different — power and cost are more key than product sophistication.”

I was most impressed by advances in ARM-based servers, which appear to be progressing to a point where they could have a significant impact in the coming year or two.

To view more of the slides in this external content on EETimes and to leave a comment, go to “HP launches Moonshot with ARM.” 

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