ARM TechCon: ThunderBench broadens support to wide range of Cortex MCUs -

ARM TechCon: ThunderBench broadens support to wide range of Cortex MCUs


Emprog has announced that Thunderbench nows supports the following families of MCUs:

  • Silabs/Energy Micro ARM Cortex family, including the EFM32 Giant Gecko, EFM32 Wonder Gecko, EFM32 Leopard Gecko, EFM32 Gecko, EFM32 Tiny Gecko, and EFM32 Zero Gecko
  • STMicroelectronics STM32F4x9 ARM Cortex-M4 family. The STM32F429/439 lines offer the performance of the Cortex-M4, running at 180 MHz within small packages that fit well in medical, industrial, consumer and other applications.
  • STMicroelectronics MicroXplorer for the STM32 Cortex family. STMicroelectronics MicroXplorer is a graphical tool enabling users to configure an STM32 MCU very easily and generate the corresponding initialization code. It helps developers quickly configure their STM32 peripherals using a single graphical user interface.

ThunderBench now also integrates Freescale Processor Expert for the Kinetis Cortex family of MCUs. Freescale Processor Expert is a graphical C code generator creating custom peripheral drivers without the need to know everything about the Kinetis MCU family. Driven by a graphical user interface, it helps developers quickly get up to speed on their MCU configuration code.

Emprog ThunderBench is a complete C/C++ development tool, which offers customers all that they need to complete their STM32 ARM/Cortex development project. It includes a C/C++ compiler, IDE, debugger, linker, libraries, and many ready-to-use BSPs for ST’s boards & kits. ThunderBench is supported by Emprog’s experienced and highly qualified technical support team.

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