ARM to top 32-bit MCU market in 2011 -

ARM to top 32-bit MCU market in 2011

LONDON — ARM is forecast to pass Power Architecture and x86 to become the leading 32-bit microcontroller and embedded microprocessor architecture in 2011.

A new report from Semicast Researchs shows that automotive and industrial (including medical) applications are forecast to be the two key growth sectors, with total revenues for ARM-based MCUs/eMPUs set to increase at a CAGR of 21 percent over the period 2007-2013.

Revenue growth for ARM-based MCUs is forecast to be driven in particular by the introduction of low cost parts based on the ARM Cortex M3 and M0 cores.

“As was evident at the recent Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose,” said Colin Barnden, principal analyst at Semicast Research and study author “the ARM architecture continues to gain momentum in the MCU market, with suppliers such as Atmel, Luminary Micro, NXP and STMicroelectronics all demonstrating Cortex M3 MCUs and NXP also introducing the first parts based on Cortex M0.”

Following ARM, next highest revenue growth is forecast for Power Architecture, which over the medium term is forecast to benefit from a recovery in the automotive sector and increased spending on communications infrastructure.

High growth is also identified for x86, which is set to continue to benefit from a leading position in industrial automation and communications infrastructure, while medium term growth prospects for SuperH also remain strong.

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