ARM TrustZone extension improves security -

ARM TrustZone extension improves security


CAMBRIDGE, England — TrustZone technology is an extension to the ARM architecture that provides a secure foundation for systems running open operating systems, such as Linux, Palm OS, Symbian OS, and Windows CE. It also complements secure application environments such as Sun Microsystems' Java technology by making security implementation on devices more efficient, according to the company.

The technology will ensure that data downloaded or run on the device remains secure, protecting consumer privacy and enabling a range of services, such as mobile banking and multimedia entertainment to be used by more consumers.

TrustZone is implemented within the microprocessor core itself, enabling the protection of on- and off-chip memory. Since the security elements of the system are designed into the core hardware, security issues surrounding proprietary, non-portable solutions outside the core are removed.

There is minimal impact to the core area or performance while enabling developers to build any additional security, for example cryptography, onto the secure hardware foundation.

TrustZone technology tags and partitions secure code and data within the system, and maintains a hardware separation between secure and non-secure information. This separation enables secure code and data to run alongside an OS securely and efficiently, without being compromised or accessible to attack.

It will be available for licensing in ARM CPU cores in 2004.

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