ARM ups the ante in smartphones with A17 core -

ARM ups the ante in smartphones with A17 core

In March, ARM Ltd. will release an upgrade of its latest 32-bit core and its first display controller, both targeted at the growing market for midrange handsets.

The Cortex-A17 processor core and Mali-DP500 DPU will likely appear in chips late this year and smartphones in 2015.

The A17 adds memory subsystem enhancements to the 32-bit architecture of the A12 which is designed as a core for midrange mobile phones.

Built using a 28 nm process, the A17 will deliver about the same performance its previous high end 32 bit A15 core, but at 40% less power. The A17 will run at about the same 1.5 to 2.3 GHz data rates as the A9.

Based on technology from the Panta line it acquired from Cadence Design Systems, the DP500 display controller core targetst sockets in smartphones that sell for $200 to $350 and is part of a package of technologies that includes the recently launched Mali-T720. With it, the DR500 handles image compositing with less power consumption than a mobile graphics core.

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  1. Yesterday I got a chance to look at a cubie board with an AllWinner A20 on it.

    In low quantities you can buy an A20 for under $10 and that's got a dual A7 core + video encoding/decoding etc.

    If I was a TI or Freescale I would be worried… very worried.

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