ARM works with design houses to ease adoption -

ARM works with design houses to ease adoption

LONDON — The ARM IP Portfolio Program has been introduced for companies providing custom ASIC design services and provides access to a range of ARM IP and an opportunity for closer cooperation on new business opportunities.

Socle Technology Corp. (Hsin-chu City,Taiwan) is the first member of the new program and will offer the service worldwide.

Companies in the ARM IP Portfolio Program can license a package of ARM technology (including processor, graphics, fabric & physical IP). This immediate access is designed to accelerate time to market and provide the flexibility to adapt as requirements change from initial design through to manufacture.

Socle Technology has licensed the ARM11 processor family, the Mali-200 and Mali-55 cores for advanced 3D consumer graphics, CoreSight technology for advanced debug and trace capability and a full range of configurable AMBA PrimeCell peripherals (including interconnect, dynamic and static memory controllers, DMA controllers, and Level 2 Cache Controllers). Each item of IP also includes ARM support and maintenance as a condition of the license.

Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing made a strategic investment in Socle as the major shareholder in June 2008, with an eye to closer design collaboration and to provide a one-stop-shop ASIC solution in advanced process nodes.

Socle is also a member of the ARM Approved Design Center program, a world-wide partnership of service companies certified to deliver expert design services around ARM IP. The ARM Approved Design Center program is part of the ARM Connected Community.

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