ARM's expansion challenge -

ARM’s expansion challenge


SANTA CLARA, Calif. — ARM this week sketched out a vision of moving methodically into servers and deeper into embedded, expanding its reach from a dominant position in mobile systems.

There's an architecture, a vision, a market need and an evolving ecosystem. A lot of great generals throughout history had similar ambitions but overreached and outran their supply lines. What's different today?

History is littered with powerful companies that dominated a market and pushed their technology into new areas, thinking their brand, technology or manufacturing would carry the day. Companies often overreach, mistakenly thinking applications will embrace the technology rather than the other way around.

A decade ago, Intel was poised to crash the networking communications party. Didn't work. Different considerations, different sales cycle than the PC industry. More competition too.

In addition to hubris, companies simply can lose focus or suffer from in-fighting and tech turf battles.

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