Arrow becomes sole source for TXC in northern Europe -

Arrow becomes sole source for TXC in northern Europe


LONDON — Arrow has been appointed as the sole source distributor for TXC's frequency control products in northern Europe.

Based in Taiwan, TXC designs and manufactures products in five categories: quartz crystals, crystal oscillators, SAW filters, timing modules and solenoids. The agreement covers UK, Ireland, the Nordic countries and Baltic states.

Catrin Kristensen, Arrow marketing director for passive, electromechanical and connector products, said, “The TXC product lines are highly complementary to those of our existing franchises and represent a significant growth opportunity. Through TXC we will be able to address a section of business to which we have had limited access due to the nature of the market. Currently only 1% of TXC's turnover is in Europe and Arrow is well placed to grow this substantially.”

Caroline Kuo, deputy director, TXC, added, “Europe is a market that is underdeveloped for TXC and we were seeking a strong, experienced partner to expand our business here. Arrow, with its significant scale, technical resource and increasing emphasis on passive products, meets our requirements and we are confident will help us attain our goals”

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