Arrow helps school with wind power project -

Arrow helps school with wind power project

LONDON — A school for children with special educational needs in Cumbria has built a wind turbine with some help from electronic component distributor Arrow.

The project, which has the joint aims of providing a practical science project for pupils and also contributing power for the school’s needs, is being led by teacher Dan Hinton.

Under Hinton’s guidance, the children at Sandgate School in Kendal have carved the turbine’s blades from wood, wound the alternator coils and completed the mechanical and electrical construction of the system.

When a point was reached where the school could not make a particular element of the design, Hinton called upon his father, Chris Hinton, who works for Arrow, for assistance. As a result, Arrow donated bridge rectifiers to handle current conversion within the turbine.

The wind turbine will now take its place alongside Sandgate’s solar panels as a combination of teaching resource and supplier of sustainable energy for the school.

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