ARTEMIS and ENIAC get parlimentary approval -

ARTEMIS and ENIAC get parlimentary approval


LONDON — The European Parliament has given its support to the EU's first four Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs), voting in favour of them by a large majority at a plenary session in Strasbourg.

The JTIs which include ARTEMIS and ENIAC will pool resources from industry, the Member States and the Commission, creating a critical mass in key strategic areas. Each JTI must be approved by the Council and Parliament and the four will now be launched in 2008.

JTIs are intended to target areas where existing funding mechanisms cannot deliver at the scale and speed thought necessary to keep Europe at the top of the competitiveness ladder.

ARTEMIS deals with embedded computing with forecasts suggesting that there will be over 16 billion embedded devices by 2010, and over 40 billion worldwide by 2020.

ENIAC will target the miniaturisation required for the next generations of nanoelectronics components and should help Europe to secure a share of the €200 billion semiconductor market.

The other two JTIs to gain approval are the innovative medicine initiative whichsupports the improved and safer development of new medicines, as well as Europe's competitiveness in biomedicine; and the Clean Sky program which seeks to increase the competitiveness of the European aeronautics industry whilst reducing the environmental burden of air transport (emissions and noise).

All of the JTIs will receive money from the EU budget, in addition to money from industry and national budgets.

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