Artisan and Aquintos collaborate on transformation technology -

Artisan and Aquintos collaborate on transformation technology

Nürnberg, Germany — Artisan Software Tools (Cheltenham, U.K.) and Aquintos (Karlsruhe, Germany) have completed a collaboration on a model-to-model transformation solution which bridges the design gap that has opened up in established embedded software development processes and design flows.

The design gap, which is particularly acute in the automotive, avionics and transportation industries, results from the use of different model-driven tools and methodologies within a single design flow and the ease with which models can be converted from one system to another. Typically, solutions for model transformation are hard coded and consequently often fail to meet developers’ precise requirements.

Artisan is supplier of collaborative modelling tools for requirements analysis, specification, design and development of complex applications.

Founded in April 2005, Aquintos is a supplier of CASE tool integration solutions and its rule-based M2M (model-to-model) technology, provides the basis for the integration and automation of heterogeneous, multi-domain embedded software development processes and CASE environments.

As a result of the collaboration, Aquintos has created a rules-based model-to-model transformation solution which can be used for migrating, synchronising, optimising and re-using models between different model-based embedded software development environments. The solution is achieved using a special version of Artisan Studio’s UML modelling technology which has been integrated with the Aquintos.GS and Aquintos.M2M tools.

The solution uses a maintainable UML model to specify and implement a series of transformation rules. The solution currently supports the standard blockset library of both Mathworks’ MATLAB/Simulink and ETAS’ ASCET.

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