Artisan gets AUDI approval -

Artisan gets AUDI approval

Cheltenham, UK — Automotive manufacturer, AUDI, is to standardise on using Artisan Software Tools Real-time Studio for test software design as well as for systems and software development for future projects.

Reinhard Schieber, Project Manager within the electronics test group at AUDI. “The integration of complex electronic systems is a tremendous challenge for AUDI and our suppliers, and requires us to perform extremely rigorous tests to ensure functionality, quality, and safety. Until we adopted Real-time Studio as our standard, AUDI engineers used a wide variety of tools for developing our test catalog, which proved problematic; we experienced communication issues since we lacked a formal standard.”

“This also resulted in a lack of portability between other projects, so reuse was almost nonexistent,” said Schieber. “We narrowed the selection to UML-based tools, as we feel its standardized formal notation in the form of diagrams is the best way for us to represent the functionality of our tests. After evaluating several products, we selected Artisan's Real-time Studio.”

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