ASA "congratulates" Agilent on first DDR2 compliance test -

ASA “congratulates” Agilent on first DDR2 compliance test

Amherst, Mass.—This news might fit into the laugh-a-minute category—if it weren't serious. Read on.

With tongue in cheek, test-and-measurement vendor Amherst Systems Associates, Inc . (ASA) says it would like to congratulate Agilent Technologies on Agilent's December 14th release of “the industry's first oscilloscope-based DDR2 compliance test application.” Read the eeProductCenter Agilent DDR2 story here.

When approached for comment, Mike Williams, President of ASA reacted with: “Huh, didn't we do that, like, three years ago?”

Verifying Williams's claim, ASA did indeed publish and publicly announce a DDR2 compliance test in April of 2004 as a no-charge ASM (Application-Specific Measurement) in version 3.0 of its M1 analysis software, and also that the current version of the DDR spec (JESD79-2C) is presently available as a no cost TestScript for M1 Oscilloscope Tools .

Interestingly enough, Agilent has been selling ASA's M1 Oscilloscope Tools for over three years!

ASA points out that although the company's accomplishment is noteworthy, Agilent's customers have, in fact, had access to this capability for years.

When Less Is More

Now for a playful distraction: ASA notes that Agilent announced a cost of $3,001 for its DDR2 test, but to actually run the product a customer would be required to also purchase an additional $13,000 in serial data and Agilent Infiniiscan software. That would total $16,000 to get into DDR2 testing.

In contrast, ASA's DDR2 TestScript, along with dozens of capabilities that other companies have previously claimed as “firsts,” as well as numerous measurement abilities they don't have, are all available under the inclusive pricing strategy of M1 Oscilloscope Tools.

“If paying $16k to get a simple compliance test winds your spring, then here's a prime opportunity,” quipped Williams. “However, this is, to me, another component in an unsustainable model of 'automation' that all of the scope companies are chasing. It's a model where the customer waits nine to 12 months, or in this case 2-1/2 years, for the scope manufacturer to finally offer the application.

“When it comes out, it's expensive, requires other expensive software to actually run, and then it only runs on some of their hardware. ASA's M1 Oscilloscope Tools model is as opposite of that as it can be.”

User Oriented

ASA's model also includes moving the place where applications can be written, from the manufacturer to the end-user. “You can quickly click together any compliance test or automation you might want to have in M1,” points out Williams, “and have it when you want it—not months or years later.

“Our commitment is to be first to run on whatever scope you own,” adds Williams, “and to include new capability within the product at no additional charge. When we use the words 'first, innovate,' and 'revolutionary,' we mean it.”


ASA's DDR2 Compliance Test was available then, and still is available now.

For more details contact Meghan Rothschild at Amherst Systems Associates, PO Box 820, Wilbraham, Mass. 01095. Phone: 413-596-5354. E-mail:

Amherst Systems Associates , 413-596-5354,

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