Ashling releases full embedded Linux debugging for MIPS-based apps -

Ashling releases full embedded Linux debugging for MIPS-based apps

Ashling Microsystems has announced availability of a sophisticated Embedded Linux debugger for MIPS-based applications. PathFinder-XD Eclipse-based debugger allows users to switch seamlessly between kernel space debugging and process/user space debugging within a single debug environment. This integrated approach provides users with an powerful debug tool to resolve complex Linux-related issues and speeds up the debug process when compared to a more traditional approach.

PathFinder-XD supports Embedded Linux debugging for kernels based on v2.6 or later and provides the user with two debug modes:

  • Stop-mode debugging is done via the on-chip debug interface using Ashling’s Opella-XD probe connected to a JTAG connector on the user’s target.
  • Run-mode debugging is done via a target serial/Ethernet interface and requires an application (GDB server) to be running on the target.

PathFinder-XD’s integrated run and stop mode debugging enables users to have a flexible and powerful debug environment for complex debug scenarios including: debugging Linux kernel and modules, debugging dynamically loadable Modules/Drivers, debugging Linux processes and libraries, debugging a module from init_module() or an already inserted module and debugging a process for main() or an already running process. PathFinder-XD displays the list of running processes and inserted modules along with the module structure and symbols.

PathFinder-XD with Embedded Linux Debugging is available directly from Ashling and its sales representatives worldwide. Contact details are on the Ashling website at

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