Ask a consultant at ESC Minneapolis 2016 -

Ask a consultant at ESC Minneapolis 2016


Developing an embedded system can be a complicated affair. Sometimes you just want to bounce your ideas around, but you don't know who to ask. Of course, there are always independent consultants who spend their time battling embedded system designs in the trenches, but their time and expertise is valuable and doesn't come cheap.

If only it were possible to pose one's questions to a learned panel of experts, but where could one find such an august assemblage? At the Embedded System's Conference (ESC) — that's where!


One of the sessions at the forthcoming ESC Minneapolis, September 21-22, 2016, will be the Ask a Consultant panel discussion, which will be moderated by yours truly. In addition to the fact that I used to be a freelance consultant myself, I will be joined by a number of my engineering chums who have founded their own independent consultancies.

The first half of the session will involve each member of the panel offering some sage words of advice. We'll follow this with a question and answer period in which attendees can delve deeper into those topics that most interest them. Maybe you are interested in becoming an independent consultant yourself, or maybe you have a tortuously tricky technical question you've been longing to ask someone; either way, we look forward to addressing your pertinent posers.

This session will be held in the ESC Engineering Theater, which means it's open to all pass types — both the 2-Day Conference Pass and the FREE Expo-Only Pass; either way, of course, you will need to be registered to attend. Hopefully I'll see you there.

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