Atego launches Aonix Perc Ultra SMP 6.1 -

Atego launches Aonix Perc Ultra SMP 6.1


Atego has launched Aonix Perc Ultra SMP 6.1, its next-generation embedded Virtual Machine and compilation technology for symmetrical multiprocessor systems. With this release Atego introduces multicore support for the Java 6 language for the first time in its Aonix Perc Ultra SMP product.

In addition to multicore support for the Java 6 language, Aonix Perc Ultra SMP 6.1 provides new compilation technology producing tighter, more efficient code that executes up to 200% faster on average. An important feature added in this release is automatic generation of native method call marshalling code that yields up to 14x improvement in Java-to-native call speed compared to prior versions.

A graphical console called PConsole, with new support for multiprocessor execution, is provided with this release at no additional cost. PConsole provides visualization of Java application execution while running under the Aonix Perc Virtual Machine (VM) for monitoring and improvement purposes. It displays real-time graphical information about performance and resource consumption of the application, including information on heap and stack memory and CPU workload of the individual threads.

Aonix Perc Ultra SMP 6.1 is immediately available from Atego with development tools on Linux platforms, and supports Linux execution on a number of popular target processors. Target execution and deployment license pricing is available on request.

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