Atego Process Director defines, manages and deploys processes -

Atego Process Director defines, manages and deploys processes

San Diego, Calif. – AtegoProcess Director from Atego is a web-based environment for processdefinition, management and deployment. The new software delivers ahighly scalable, extensible and pragmatic range of web-basedprocess-oriented capabilities for operational, engineering anddevelopment process authoring, roll-out, management, governancemeasurement and optimization. Its thin client user interface runs oncontemporary browsers and also supports mouse-free environments such asWindows Touch, iPad and the iPhone, proactively getting processdeployed. Its companion product Atego Process Consumer specificallycaters for process users, such as Enterprise Architects, SystemsEngineers, Software Engineers and Managers.

Atego Process Directoris pre-loaded with a selection of industry best-practice processes,roles, deliverables, techniques, tools and risks for systemsengineering, software engineering and project management; organizationscan also import their existing process documentation, author newprocesses and merge all three.  This means that companies can use theirown processes, as well as industry standard processes, andcustom-configure any process to suit their specific needs.  

Processes can beauthored with Atego Process Director’s online process editor or anyMetaWeblog API-compliant tool, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft LiveWriter.  Process flows are created with the Step Editor’s fulldrag-and-drop graphical process designer.  Each Atego Process Directorproject (or program) is then based on an underlying process library,which is automatically tailored to the project’s individualcircumstances with a question-and-answer wizard.  This unique approachto process configuration delivers true agility, rather than aone-size-fits-all process.  Projects can then be managed with a mix ofAtego Process Director’s task estimation and allocation, MicrosoftProject Plan generation, metrics gathering and collaborative processimprovement discussions.

Atego Process Consumer then puts anorganization’s processes in the hands of everyone who needs them, whenthey need them.  Automatic email notification tells process consumerswhen they have been allocated a task and reminds them when to start. Atego Process Consumer also provides personal To Do lists for on-demandtask selection.  Both options give process consumers hot links directlyto the relevant process help, example deliverables, other peopleinvolved, associated risks, and the techniques, tools and patterns toapply.  Task progress information and metrics can be recorded, leadingto ongoing process improvement.  Atego Process Consumer actually makesprocesses attractive to use, making process authoring investmentworthwhile.

Atego Process Directorand Atego Process Consumer’s Library Structure Views, Navigation Treesand Process Diagrams provide simple process visualization andunderstanding.  These views are consistent, no matter who authored eachprocess. So, once someone understands one process, they can easily pickup the next. The powerful search facility and ‘tag clouds’ make findingrelevant process information much quicker than hunting through documentsand web sites, giving staff more time to focus on doing the job.  

Atego Process Directoralso provides project oversight, gathering metrics from processconsumers to show how processes are being used and the related projectsuccess.  This closes the loop so that the return on process investmentscan be proved.

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