Atmel adds floating point unit to 32-bit AVR MCUs -

Atmel adds floating point unit to 32-bit AVR MCUs

Electronica, Munich – Atmel's first 32-bit AVR microcontrollers with a floating point unit (FPU) are targeting industrial control applications. The AVR UC3 C MCU series has a IEEE 754-1985-compatible FPU which increases the performance, precision and dynamic range of calculations it provides.

The native support for the floating point arithmetic allows design engineers to use a full-featured toolbox for designing sensor and control applications. In addition, the advanced math can be applied to enhance signal processing, filtering, and noise suppression in a wide range of applications including motor control, robotics and audio.

The Atmel UC3 C series is the first Atmel 32-bit AVR microcontroller built for high-speed communication designed for 3.0 – 5.5V operation with a true 5V operation. A 5V supply voltage is a requirement for many industrial control applications to allow better signal-to-noise ratio, particularly in applications that require large switching currents or very sensitive analog instrumentation.

The UC3 C series comes with a 9-layer databus, 64 + 4KB high-speed SRAM and a mix of high-speed communication peripherals including a 100Mbps Ethernet, Dual CAN ports and a full-speed USB interface. An SDRAM interface is included in larger devices. The layered databus and split SRAM architecture allows the system designer to easily avoid clashes on high-speed communications that could result in package loss or decreased system performance.

The UC3 C series also has the Atmel Peripheral Event System which is found in the Atmel UC3 L series and Atmel 8-bit AVR XMEGA products. The Event System allows inter-peripheral communication to take place without CPU intervention and guarantees two-cycle latency between the completion of one peripheral operation and the start of another. This ultimately eliminates the jitter and unpredictable latency associated with a traditional CPU interrupt.

The UC3 C series also includes FlashVault code protection, a flash security technology that allows the on-chip flash to be partially programmed and locked, creating secure on-chip storage for secret code and software intellectual property.

Code stored in the FlashVault will execute as normal, but cannot be read, copied or debugged. This allows a device with FlashVault code protection to carry valuable software, such as a math library or an encryption algorithm, from a trusted location to a potentially untrustworthy partner where the rest of the source code can be developed, debugged and programmed.

The new UC3C series is available in a range of package options including 9x9mm QFN64 to 22x22mm TQFP144 packages. Power consumption is in line with the existing Atmel AVR microcontroller UC3 A and B series.

Samples of the Atmel 32-bit AVR UC3 C series are available now priced from $5.33 for quantities of 10K. A AVR UC3 development board is also available.

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