Atmel combines maXTouch controllers and maXFusion technology on a single chip -

Atmel combines maXTouch controllers and maXFusion technology on a single chip

Atmel Corporation has announced new microcontroller-based solutions that integrate touch and sensor hub functionality for a variety of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, Ultrabooks and convertible PCs. The new solutions are based on Atmel’s maXTouch controllers and incorporate the company’s maXFusion sensor fusion technology.

Complete human interface solutions with maXFusion technology:

  • mXF0100 sensor hub solutions
  • mXF1664S/ mXF1188S maXTouch controllers for up to 17-inch displays
  • Programmable solutions based on Atmel’s AVR MCUs for customers and partners implementing their proprietary code

Atmel maXFusion combines inputs from multiple sensors that detect motion, including accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes, to provide real-time direction, orientation and inclination data bringing visibly superior performance to a range of applications including gaming, navigation and virtual reality. maXFusion also integrates sensor hub functionality into touchscreen controllers, extending human interface solutions beyond touch to deliver performance and power efficiency gains in a single-chip solution. The combination of multiple sensor systems enables the development both touch and motion sensing.

The UC3L sensor hub solutions with customizable firmware are available now. Production quantities for Atmel’s mXF0100 devices will be available in December 2012, with the mXF1664S and mXF1188S devices available in January 2013.

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