Atmel DAB chips help update Olympic crowds -

Atmel DAB chips help update Olympic crowds


LONDON — A digital audio broadcasting (DAB) chipset developed by Atmel Corp. in Heilbronn, Germany is being used in a text-based information service for digital broadcasting, called Journaline, which has been integrated into several shuttle vehicles at the 2008 Summer Olympics in China.

This service delivers passengers and drivers live news in a ticker format. Users can access current news information and track live sporting results directly from an in-car module with text-to-speech presentation or from a portable receiver with text presentation.

The DAB chipset solution for Journaline includes an RF frontend ATR2732 and a DAB-decoding baseband ATR2740. The ATR2740 baseband processor system-on-chip eases implementation of application-related tasks. This chipset forms the hardware basis for the Digital Radio Box, Atmel's verification and visualization tool for data-based services, which is also used in the Journaline trials.

The Journaline data service was internationally standardized by the WorldDMB forum in September 2007. The data service is currently broadcast as part of DAB/digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) and digital radio mondiale (DRM) digital radio transmissions.

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