Atmel debuts 32-bit MCU with FPGA interface -

Atmel debuts 32-bit MCU with FPGA interface


San Jose, Ca.- Atmel Corp. has just introduced its  CAP7E, what itclaims is the industry's first MCU with a direct FPGA interface. Shownin Figure 1, this32-bit ARM7-based MCU features a six-layer advancedhigh-speed bus (AHB), peripheral DMA controller and 160 Kbytes ofon-chip SRAM.

Figure 1. High-level diagram of the Atmel AT91CAP7E

On chip peripherals include USB 2.0 full speed device, SPI master andslave, two USARTs, three 16-bit timer counters, an 8-channel/ 10-bitanalog to digital converter, plus interrupt control and supevisoryfunctions noted above.

Atmel provides special FPGA logic that decodes and encodes thetraffic that flows between the FPGA and the CAP7E microcontroller.

The device can be programmed using existing third party tools. Thesame C compilers, RTOS, OSs, ICEs and IDEs used with Atmel's AT91SAMARM-based MCUs can be used with the CAPE. These include Atmel's freeGNU gcc C compiler, GNU gdb debugger, real-time kernel, aswell as a host of commercially available tools.

Atmel's AT91CAP7E is available now and is priced as low as $6.95 inquantities of 10,000 units. For more information visit

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