Atmel expands 32-bit AVR MCU portfolio -

Atmel expands 32-bit AVR MCU portfolio

Atmel Corp. has added 13 devices to 3 different product series in its 32-bit AVR UC3 product portfolio. As well as adding devices to the existing UC3 L and UC3 A Series, the UC3 D Series of MCUs has been introduced.

The AVR UC3L has additional memory options and added USB functionality while the AVR UC3D is a new product series which targets entry-level 32-bit applications and includes hardware for capacitive touch support. The AVR UC3A4 is a high-performance, high-throughput UC3 device series with high-speed USB and 128kB of SRAM. The devices also offer an optional 256-bit AES encryption decryption/encryption module.

The AVR UC3A4 is suited for high-speed applications requiring security, such as PC peripherals, e-tokens, high-speed communication gateways and audio. The devices achieve performance levels of up to 1.51 DMIPS per MHz running from flash and provides Hi-Speed USB OTG.

It features 128KBytes of onboard SRAM, where 64KBytes of the SRAM are directly coupled to the 32-bit AVR CPU for increased performance optimization, and two blocks of 32kB SRAM on the high-speed bus. These two memory blocks are physically separate, but sequential in the address map, allowing real ping-pong buffering to increase performance.

The MCUs also include memory-to-memory DMA controller, SD/SDIO card support and  MLC NAND Flash with ECC interface. The device series also features  a large number of communication interfaces such as USART, SPI and TWI as well as I2S and an audio bitstream D/A converter.

Selected products support 128-, 192- and 256-bit AES encryption and decryption in hardware. The AES hardware encryption module is connected to the DMA controller and achieves a throughput of over 22 MB/s.

The AVR UC3D MCU is an entry-level 32-bit series,  suited for pdesigns requiring low-power capacitive touch as well as other consumer and industrial applications. The series has a hardware QTouch capacitive touch interface, USB full-speed device, RTC with calendar, 10-bit ADC, USART, SPI, TWI, PWM and I2S . With  SleepWalking technology integrated into the device, the UC3D MCU can be woken from sleep mode via a peripheral. In capacitive touch applications, the device can be put into sleep mode and woken by proximity touch. The capacitive touch module found on the UC3D supports up to 25 channels in hardware, and each channel can be configured as buttons, sliders and wheels. Multiple touch channels can be grouped together for better performance and greater flexibility in applications where different sensitivity levels are needed on different channels.
The UC3D is pin-compatible with the UC3 B Series. The UC3B offers higher memory densities and USB OTG, as well as a migration path for existing UC3D customers requiring more functionality and performance.
The AVR UC3L is Atmel’s 32-bit MCU series with picoPower technology the memory option of the currently available UC3L0 has been expanded with 128kB and 256kB of flash. These devices also have 32kB of internal SRAM. The UC3L4 devices are pin-compatible with the existing UC3L0 devices. The UC3L4 adds full-speed USB device connectivity to the UC3L series. The new UC3L4 devices come in 64kB, 128KB and 256KB on-board Flash options, and offer up to 32kB of internal SRAM.

The AVR UC3L0 and UC3L4 devices are available now and the AT32UC3L0256 and ATUC256L4 are sampling in 48-pin QFN and TQFP package options.  Pricing starts at USD $ 2,292 for quantities of 10,000. The AVR UC3A4 devices are available now and  the AT32UC3A4256 and AT32UC3A4256S are sampling. Pricing starts at USD $ 4,208 for quantities of 10,000. The AVR UC3D devices are available now and  the ATUC128D3 is sampling. Pricing starts at USD $ 2,945 for quantities of 10,000.

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