Atmel launches integrated app store and collaboration workspace for MCU dev -

Atmel launches integrated app store and collaboration workspace for MCU dev


Atmel Corporation today introduced Atmel Gallery , an app store for development tools and embedded software that evolves Atmel Studio 6 into a comprehensive integrated development platform (IDP). According to Atmel is the first app store for the embedded MCU community.

Atmel Gallery is built directly into the Atmel Studio 6 development environment and is also available via the web at to provide easy access to free and commercial extensions for Atmel Studio, including development tools such as compilers, peripheral configuration, code editing and code analysis. To support the development of Atmel MCUs, solutions are available now through the Atmel Gallery from third-party partners including HP Info Tech, Keil (a division of ARM Holdings), Percepio, Red Lizard and Symnum Systems to help shorten their design time.

FreeRTOS, a popular real-time embedded operating system (OS), is now integrated into the Atmel Software Framwork and available through Atmel Gallery to give designers easy access to use real-time OS capabilities in their MCU designs. Atmel will continue to include additional partner solutions into Atmel Gallery, including RTOS solutions such as Micrium’s popular µC/OS real-time kernels and µC/Probe data visualization tool and rapid prototyping tools such as Proteus VSM from Labcenter Electronics for hardware/software co-simulation, with many more to come.

Atmel also launched Atmel Spaces , a cloud-based collaboration workspace for hosting software and hardware projects targeting Atmel MCUs. Atmel Spaces makes it easy for the MCU design community to collaborate, resulting in a rapidly growing community of developed tools and embedded software for Atmel MCUs.  Atmel Spaces provides all the tools to make collaborative development easy, including access control, version control system, bug and feature trackers, mailing lists and wikis. Projects hosted on Atmel Spaces are accessible directly from Studio 6.

Atmel Studio 6 can be downloaded free of charge. Atmel Gallery and Atmel Spaces are directly accessible through Atmel Studio 6 or at and . Atmel Studio supports development for Atmel AVR and SAM ARM-based Cortex-M-based Flash MCUs.

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  1. You've got to be kidding…

    Unless there is a way for people to replicate or locally host the cloud, what organization is going to put their code in a vendor-specific cloud?

    What happens when this goes down for maintenance? Uncle Murphy says that will ha

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