Atmel offers free board support packages for MPUs -

Atmel offers free board support packages for MPUs


LONDON — Atmel Corp. has released free Microsoft Windows embedded board support packages (BSPs) for its AT91SAM9 ARM926EJ-S-based embedded MPUs.

The BSPs were previously provided by Adeneo under a fee-paying software license agreement.

A BSP is a set of software that implements and supports an operating system on a development board. It consists of a boot loader, adaptation layer for the specific hardware architecture, device drivers, and run-time image configuration files. It simplifies application development on the target device, by creating a hardware-independent interface for use by the application code. It also enables application code to be rapidly ported from one hardware platform to another.

In addition to download facilities for the BSPs sources the Windows4SAM web site provides, an extensive set of documents, including a ready-to-run demonstration, explaining how to use and customize the sources and how to build up applications by using the BSPs.

For more details and a link to a web site to order a BSP see

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