Atmel releases Linux v2.6.27 for ARM9 family -

Atmel releases Linux v2.6.27 for ARM9 family


Rousset, France – Atmel has announced a Linux v2.6.27 release for its ARM9-based AT91SAM9 family, which includes the 400 MHz AT91SAM9G20. The Linux distribution is available from Atmel's AT91SAM Linux portal at It includes the complete Linux v2.6.27 kernel, the Linux patch for the AT91SAM9G20-EK, device drivers, pre-built demonstrations and the Angstrom/OpenEmbedded building environment.

Complementary products and support are available through TimeSys, including an embedded Linux ReadyKit for the entire AT91SAM9 series including the AT91SAM9G20. The ReadyKit comprises a pre-built Linux kernel, device drivers, a GNU-based cross toolchain, a glibc-based root filesystem complete with selected development libraries, 14 days of technical support and access to a wide range of support documentation.

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