Atmel rolls out nextgen XSense touch sensor tech -

Atmel rolls out nextgen XSense touch sensor tech


Atmel will soon ramp up production on devices based on its Xsense flexible touch technology targeted at a new generation of mobile, consumer, embedded and industrial designs.

Based on a proprietary roll-to-roll metal mesh technology, XSense touch sensors provide a high-performance alternative to existing touch sensors allowing OEMs to build larger, lighter, sleeker, curved and edgeless designs.

XSense touch sensors in essence allow the design of a wide range of products in which the capacitive touch interface to be wrapped around the side of a device. This eliminates the need for mechanical buttons that can wear-down when exposed to moisture and dirt.

Because of this, the new sensors are useful in a wide range of touchscreen products which require not only flawless touch performance by enhanced noise immunity, low sheet resistance and low power consumption.

The company demonstrated devices at the 2013 CES using the technology on both flat and curved Corning Gorilla form factors, where it won a CES Innovator award.

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