Atmel teams with Sensinode on 6LoWPAN IoT -

Atmel teams with Sensinode on 6LoWPAN IoT

Atmel Corp.   has signed an agreement with Sensinode    to use its 6LoWPAN software in the development of smart, connected wireless products that help make up the Internet of Things.

In this agreement, Sensinode will license its 6LoWPAN stack and router solutions, the NanoStack 2.0 and NanoRouter 3.0, to be used with Atmel’s ultra-low-power wireless hardware platforms for developing power-efficient IPv6-based embedded wireless products.

“6LoWPAN is a critical component for building the Internet of Things, providing key efficiencies for embedded IP networks used in sensor and control networks,” said Geoff Mulligan, Chairman of the IPSO Alliance. “By using 6LoWPAN with IPv6, devices gain Internet interoperability with smaller code and packet sizes than with other proprietary protocols and stacks.”

Sensinode's NanoStack 2.0 will be used with Atmel’s ATmega256RFR2 wireless MCU, while the NanoRouter 3.0 will support Atmel’s SAM4E Cortex-M4 flash-based MCU and AT86RF231 or AT86RF233 ultra low power IEEE 802.15.4 RF transceivers. The firmware for the NanoStack 2.0 and NanoRouter 3.0 firmware is available through the Atmel Gallery embedded app store.

NanoStack 2.0 is is a communications stack for IP-based wireless sensor networks that can be implemented in as little as 32k of flash memory. It is both processor and radio spectrum/protocol and will be used in Atmel’s 2.4 GHz and Sub-1GHz chips.

NanoRouter 2.0 is a border router software solution that enables routing between IP-based 6LoWPAN low-power wireless networks and backbone IPv4 / IPv6 networks. It acts as the coordinator for RPL routing within a 6LoWPAN network.

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