Attention ESC "Hello There!" badge winners - stand by for a tweet! -

Attention ESC “Hello There!” badge winners — stand by for a tweet!


With regards to my previous blogs on this topic — see More chances to win a wireless networked ESC “Hello There!” badge and Cracking the code of the ESC “Hello There!” badges — I just heard from Suzanne Deffree, who is Editor-in-Chief of Design News and (in her spare time) Supreme Commander of “Hello There!” Badge Deployment.

Suzanne says that badge winners should expect a treat tweet from @Deffree today. Also that the winners need to be at the Introducing the ESC 2016 Hello There! Badge session promptly at 10:00am in order to pick up their badges.

(Source: Max Maxfield /

In her email to me, Suzanne emphasized that the winners need to be there on time because: “The bulk of these badges are heavy and I want to pass them out before the expected mad rush of folks who didn't tweet bombard me with requests asking for one.”

As an FYI, a little birdy tells me that Suzanne will have a few extra badges to give away at this introductory presentation, so even if you haven’t won one thus far, it's still well worth your time to attend the session. I have my prototype badge sitting on my desk in front of me as a pen these words. The folks at Synapse have loaded this little beauty with so many fun apps (and “Easter Eggs”) that I could play with it all day. Hopefully I'll see you at ESC Boston (I'll be the one in the Hawaiian shirt proudly sporting my “Hello There!” badge).

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