Audio codec ICs boost quality, reduce power -

Audio codec ICs boost quality, reduce power


Based on a digital implementation and software-based tuning tools, the DA740x family requires fewer external components while enabling faster time to market compared to analog-based solutions. The DA740x family supports feedforward and feedback ANC topologies in which noise-cancelling microphones are located either outside or inside the headphone cup. It also enables a fully hybrid implementation, delivering high-performance ANC and maximizing both audio quality and battery life. The DA740x form factor is a mere 6 mm2 , suited for even the smallest in-ear devices.

The family consists of three chips, each addressing different segments of the mid- and high-end headphone market:

The DA7402 is a stereo high-performance (HP) codec with ANC supporting hybrid, feedforward, and feedback topologies. It features up to 35-dB suppression, dedicated calibration, and tuning tools. Designed for high dynamic range and minimum latency, it is one of the smallest digital ANCs on the market. It operates with half the power consumption yet provides twice the audio performance compared to competitive solutions. Applications include sport earbuds, hearables, true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds, and unified communication headsets.

The DA7401 is a high-performance mono ANC codec designed for TWS and hearable applications. It offers a 115-dB playback dynamic range, a 10-dB record dynamic range, a hybrid ANC, and a flexible clocking architecture.

The DA7400 stereo HP codec provides similar capabilities as the DA7401, targeting consumer applications that require high-resolution and high-performance audio without ANC.

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