Audio IP market looks for standardisation -

Audio IP market looks for standardisation


London, UK — A 'centre of excellence' for audio intellectual property (IP) brokering has been set up in the UK to supply designers in the automotive, consumer and communication sectors.

Sensaura, a developer of audio IP, wants to include third party products as well as its own portfolio. The company's own range includes implementations of discrete algorithms such as Dolby and MPEG decoders through to complete audio IP solutions such as audio watermarking, text-to-speech and voice recognition solutions.

Sensaura also wants to share product development risk with its customers through the introduction of a transparent royalty based licensing model. The company will work on a consultancy basis with a customer to integrate an audio solution as part of its product development and then share risk with the client by charging a quarterly licensing fee based on sales.

The company's IP portfolio includes more than 55 worldwide patent filings with third party solutions from companies including Lucent Technologies and Nortel Networks.

Doug Balfour, managing director, Sensaura, said, “The model that we have adopted for our audio IP brokering business is well proven in the electronics sector for both hardware and software intellectual property. By contrast audio IP has always been traded on an ad hoc basis.”

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