Audiovox signs up for MMP license -

Audiovox signs up for MMP license


LONDON — Audiovox Corp. is the latest company to purchased a Moore Microprocessor Patent (MMP) Portfolio license from The TPL Group.

Established in 1965, Audiovox (Hauppauge, New York) manufactures and markets mobile and consumer electronics products as well as consumer electronics accessories. The company markets products under the Audiovox, RCA, Jensen, Acoustic Research, Energizer, Advent, Code Alarm, TERK, Prestige and SURFACE brands.

“Audiovox is the third MMP Portfolio licensee in the past month,” said Roy Maharaj, Vice President, Licensing for Alliacense. “We continue to see strong interest from companies that wish to reduce their royalty exposure and the possibility of supply chain disruptions.”

Other recent sign-ups include Bosch Group (Stuttgart, Germany), the auto parts supplier which also manufactures and sells a range of consumer tools and appliances as well as industrial and trade products and services and Hoya Corp. (Tokyo Japan), a diversified manufacturer of Information Technology, Healthcare, and Lifestyle Refinement products.

Over 40 global companies from the U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea and Taiwan have purchased MMP Portfolio licenses, including many industry leaders such as Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, Kenwood, Mattel, Nokia, Philips, and Sony.

The MMP Portfolio patents, filed by The TPL Group in the 1980s, cover techniques that enable higher performance and lower cost designs. These patents are fundamental to dozens of microprocessor-based key features and benefits in contemporary consumer and commercial products ranging from DVD players, mobile phones and portable music players to automobile systems, communications infrastructure and medical equipment.

The Moore Microprocessor Patent Portfolio contains intellectual property that is jointly owned by the privately-held TPL Group and publicly-held Patriot Scientific Corp. It includes seven U.S. patents as well as their European and Japanese counterparts.

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