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Alexander Wolfe

Alexander Wolfe is the brand director of UBM Technology's EE Times, EE Times Designlines, EBN,, and CAP sites. Most recently he served stints as editor-in-chief of and Design News. In his two decades as a technology editor, he has written for Electronics Magazine,, Embedded Systems Design, and TechWeb. He spent nine years at Electronic Engineering Times, where he wrote the "Wolfe's Den" column and broke the 1994 story of Intel's Pentium floating-point division bug.

Will Android out cool Apple?

I'm at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, where the EETimes/Embedded 2013 survey results we're going to present Wednesday indicate that Android is ascendant. Spoiler alert:…

Wolfe’s Den

Alexander Wolfe, veteran journalist and brand director of EE Times, EE Times Designlines, EBN,, and CAP sites, holds forth on industry news.